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Back to School Essentials – School Supply Kits

Each year, SA YES selects numerous Title 1 elementary schools in San Antonio and supplies every student (Kindergarten through 5th grade) with a free school supply kit. Since 1998, SA YES staff members along with dedicated volunteers, have personally distributed over 425,000 school supply kits to students in South Texas. 

The school supply kits include the following items: colored pencils, crayons, notebook paper, erasers, glue, folders, pencils, a ruler, ballpoint pens and a box of tissues. In 2019, SA YES provided school supply kits to 22,000 students in San Antonio, Texas. We look forward to the 2020 school year!

2019-2020 Schools Selected for Free Supplies 

San Antonio ISD

Japhet Elementary

Dorie Miller Elementary

Herman Hirsch Elementary

Charles C. Ball Elementary

Inez Foster Elementary

Bowden Elementary

Storm Elementary

Smith Elementary

J.T. Brackenridge Elementary

Ben Franklin Elementary

Beacon Hill Elementary

Douglas Academy

Sarah S. King Elementary

Collins Garden Elementary

Harlandale ISD

Morrill Elementary

Collier Elementary

Adams Elementary

Wright Elementary

Columbia Heights Elementary

Stonewall-Flanders Elementary

E. High Gilbert Elementary

Gilbert Elementary

Schultze Elementary

Vestal Elementary

Rayburn Elementary

Carroll Bell Elementary

Bellaire Elementary


 Edgewood ISD

H.B. Gonzalez Elementary

Perales Elementary

Gardendale Elementary

Stafford Elementary

Winston Elementary

L.B. Johnson Elementary

Loma Park Elementary

Las Palmas Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Roy Cisneros Elementary

South San ISD

Frank Madla Elementary

Kindred Elementary

Miguel Carrillo Jr. Elementary

Price Elementary

Neil Armstrong Elementary

Five Palms Elementary

Hutchins Elementary

Roy Benavidez Elementary

Palo Alto Elementary

Athens Elementary

Thomas J Henry and children
Miss San Antonio with SA YES school supply kits
Olaf and little girl

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