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Donation for Education

Since 1998, SA YES has provided 390,000 school supply kits to students in South Texas through our Back to Basics Project. As a nonprofit, we rely on the generous contribution of SA YES supporters to sustain funding of this program and our pursuit of educational support in the local San Antonio community. With your donation, you help ensure students of future generations have the tools necessary to start the school year off right.

With your donation, you will receive quarterly updates about our programs, invitations to our annual events, the opportunity to participate in our hands-on distribution of school supplies and recognition of your support.

So how can you help? Make a donation at any of the levels mentioned above and see how many students will be directly impacted by your contribution.

Please note that these gifts are a straight donation to the organization and are 100% tax-deductible.  Tax ID# 74-285-9929

For additional information on how you can support SA YES on a sponsorship level, email

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