We are dedicated to providing students with the tools they need to help them learn and grow. While the kids are home from school for winter break, there are many ways they can enjoy their time off and continue learning. From books, educational games and family activities, here are a few ways you and your kids can spend the holidays learning and having fun.

  • Reading has many benefits and can be done anywhere. If you are on a roadtrip to visit family or need something for your kids to do while you’re prepping for the holidays, make sure to pack a book or two or download new books on your tablet. If your little ones get car sick, audiobooks are a great alternative! Remember to utilize your local Public Library for a wider range of books from which to choose. You can also get into the holiday spirit with holiday-themed books and once finished, treat your kids to the movie adaption of the book.
  • While you are baking those delicious holiday meals, kids can practice math skills in the kitchen by calculating measurements used in recipes. Showing them how to properly read and measure different ingredients is a fun, hands-on way to practice fractions, addition and subtraction. For your little ones, try counting the number of cookies left out for Santa or the number of sides a gingerbread house has.
  • Work on writing and penmanship skills by asking your kids to help write out thank-you notes to family and friends for the holidays. This is a great opportunity to work on spelling and grammar, while showing loved ones your gratitude.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!