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Providing School Supplies to Title 1 Elementary Students

Back to Basics Project

Each year SA YES selects Title 1 Elementary schools in San Antonio and supplies every student with basic school supplies. In 2019, SA YES personally distributed over 22,000 school supply kits to students in 45 schools across San Antonio.

By providing each student with their own school supply kit, we hope the act serves as a reminder that each student is important to our community and the importance of being prepared to learn and grow.

We look forward to the 2020 school year!

Classroom Grants

In line with our mission, we are honored to provide grants to select classrooms and organizations for improving or providing access to enhancing the learning experience. Our grants are designed to generate and validate solutions to persistent educational challenges and to support and serve substantially larger numbers of students.

In 2016, SA YES surprised 4 teachers and fulfilled 4 classroom grant requests. These grants allowed the teachers to provide classroom resources and technology enhancements to ensure their students succeed.

Thomas J. Henry distributes school supplies to students in San Antonio.

Players from the University of Texas at San Antonio's Men's Basketball team helped distribute school supplies at Bellaire Elementary during our 2018 Back to Basics Project.

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